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25 September 2012

The End, My Friends, The End

So long and thanks for all the fish.
After five years and more than 500 posts, PADI Instructor News is closing its imaginary doors. The PADI Instructor blog is dead. Long live the PADI Instructor blog!

PADI has launched an official, legit PADI Pro blog for PADI Members in North America and the Caribbean. Please click the link above to visit the new site and sign up for email or RSS updates. See if you can guess which of the new content I'm guest-writing!

We also have blogs for our French-Canadian Pro members and PADI Pros in Latin America. - Fran├žais - Latin America

While you're at the new blog, check out PADI Instructor News' Greatest Hits - our 10 most popular posts of all time. I was able to import a good chunk of this blog's content history so you can still pull up info such as What's in the IDC crewpak and my research into reef safe sunscreens.

What started in March 2007 as a pet project has unexpectedly grown into a worldwide resource for PADI Members - and I couldn't have done it without your support. In the first year we had 200 subscribers in the Pacific NW and before long I was hearing from course directors in Hawaii, Thailand, and elsewhere telling new instructors - go subscribe to this website! As of today's final post we have over 2,000 subscribers. Sincere thanks to all of you for your comments and recommendations over the years. I've learned a lot and hope you have as well.

- Megan

29 August 2012

Social Media Job at PADI

PADI is currently hiring a Social Media Community Manager.

Please send your resume and cover letter to:, and please feel free to mention you read about the position on "Megan's blog." The position is in our Americas Office in Orange County, CA.

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Project AWARE's Ocean Action Contest - Vote Now

In June 2012, Project AWARE announced its first Ocean Action Project contest. Grassroots, community organizations from around the world submitted action plans that focused either on: Sharks and/or Rays Marine Debris.

Twelve finalists were chosen, and it's up to you to decide who receives funding from Project AWARE. View the one-paragraph project descriptions for each finalist on Project AWARE's Facebook page and vote for the cause you feel is most worthy. Voting ends this Saturday 1 September!

PADI Public Safety Diver Workshop

Student Manual
product no. 79205
For those interested in becoming PADI Public Safety Divers and/or PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty Instructors, PADI Americas and Underwater Criminal Investigators (UCI) have partnered to develop a complete public safety diving program (including rescue and recovery training).

Scheduled for 22 – 29 September 2012 at Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, Illinois, USA, the workshop is designed for those new to the field and divers looking to refresh or update their public safety diving skills.

The workshop includes the PADI Public Safety Diver™ course and Underwater Criminal Investigator Distinctive Specialty course. You can also take the PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty Instructor course and learn how to organize, promote and conduct the PADI Public Safety Diver Specialty course.

For more information or to register for the workshop, visit or contact Bill Hamm at 800 729 7234 (US and Canada), +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2534.

07 August 2012

Shark Week Ideas - Part Two

Shark Week kicks off this Sunday 12 August! 

Back in July we previewed a list of Shark Week promotional ideas. Since then, we've rounded up a list of places to find shark videos and shark trivia for your Facebook page, dive club meeting, enewsletter, etc.

Scuba Diving magazine's favorite shark videos
Shark Videos (Facebook page)
Unusual Sharks you might not have seen before
Fun and interesting shark facts*

* Some of the facts came from Project AWARE's free Shark Conservation Specialty Instructor Guide, others I gleaned off the interwebs

You can use the shark fact list in a couple of ways:

#1 - Post a Shark Fact of the Day / Guess the Shark Fact to your Facebook page
For example, instead of just posting “the smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark” you could post it as a question “The largest shark is the whale shark – can you name the smallest shark?”

Offer a prize to the first person to guess the right answer (PADI shark keychain, perhaps?), or invite people to guess the answer just for bragging rights. Either way, it will drive activity on your page - increasing your Edgerank and proving to the Facebook goblins that your page has engaging content (theoretically improving your appearance in your fans' newsfeeds).

Product no. 82619

#2 - At a dive club meeting, invite attendees to guess if a statement is true or false. 
For example: 90% of shark attack victims are male. Truth or Myth? Whoever guesses correctly could get a shark keychain, gummy shark candy, or other shark-related prize.

See our earlier post: Shark Week Ideas for a longer list of fun shark-related prizes ranging from shark bite socks to a really bitchin' shark sleeping bag.

Last but not least, please take just a moment to share Project AWARE's petition to protect sharks with your students, friends and family. You can either share their link: or utilize the Facebook app. One-third of pelagic (open ocean) sharks and rays are threatened with extinction and many shark populations are down 80%.

Jobs for PADI Instructor or Divemaster: Seattle and SoCal

Underwater Sports, a PADI Five Star IDC in Seattle, WA is looking for a PADI Instructor - OWSI or higher (EANx specialty rating a plus). Cold water diving experience is strongly preferred; must be a US citizen. Please email resume to ken at underwatersports dot com.

Pacific Wilderness, a Five Star IDC Center in San Pedro, CA is currently hiring a highly-motivated PADI Divemaster or Instructor for a full or part-time position. Here is their job description:

"We are a leader in the dive industry and one of the largest dive shops in the United States. We offer competitive pay, extensive training, employee benefits, commissions and much more. This is a "family style" big shop.

THE FOLLOWING ARE A MUST: -US Citizen or Resident
-Two year employment commitment
-English speaking (Spanish or Japanese a plus)
-Must be able to lift tanks into a fill station
-Must have beach diving experience in California

• Sales is a primary job / work sales floor selling equipment also checking in orders and restocking.
• Teaching opportunities are available to full-time employees with instructor rating.
• Repairs and Hydrotesting (training available)

The position is either full-time: primary work at our San Pedro location and a day per week in Orange, OR part-time in San Pedro only.

To apply: please email resume to jeff at pacific wilderness dot com DO NOT CALL.Emails will be responded to in a timely manner.

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26 July 2012

Shark Week Ideas

bear shark octopus

Shark Week starts Sunday 12 August on the Discovery Channel. For the 25th year in a row, millions of viewers will tune in to see surfer survival stories and slo-mo great whites.

The annual programming is so popular, even non-diving businesses capitalize on its success with promotional shark tattoos - and even a drinking game.With that in mind, here are some ideas on how you can help spread the (good) word about sharks and maybe sell a few classes. Email subscribers may need to click through to view the images below.

Post the Sharks in Peril video to your website, blog or Facebook page and encourage readers to show their support by signing the Shark Petition.

Product no. 82619
Promote shark-related products that may be for sale in your store via your Facebook page, enewsletter, etc. Besides PADI shark keychains you might also stock shark towels, the remote-controlled shark air-swimmer, or shark jewelry.

Purchase a shark, manta or shark tooth pendant from Gogh Jewelry Design and 10% of sales will be donated to Project AWARE.

Take it up a notch
Offer the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty and / or use the AWARE Shark Conservation Adventure Dive in your August AOW course. You could offer a shark keychain ($2.95) to commemorate students' participation.

Schedule your next dive club meeting to coincide with Shark Week. During commercial breaks, have a list of Shark Facts / Myths and invite attendees to guess which is real and which isn't. For example: 90% of shark attack victims are male. Truth or Myth? Whoever guesses correctly could get a shark keychain, gummy shark candy, or other shark-related prize.

Drive interaction on your Facebook page or Twitter feed by posting a different shark fact every day during Shark Week and encourage readers to share / retweet their favorites. A variety of facts are available in the Shark Conservation specialty materials (free download).

Sharks, FTW!
Invite divers / shop staff to collect shark petition signatures on their own and award a prize for the most signatures collected. The prize could be dive-related or shark-related. There are some pretty hilarious shark items on For less than $15 you can get a coffee mug with a shark in the bottom, or shark socks.

My favorite is the shark sleeping bag. This one's a little more expensive, but a great Grand Prize.

Support Ocean Protection with Every Certification

Being a professional member of the dive community is about more than just collecting awards and racking up dives. Anyone can claim to make a difference in our community but action is what really makes a difference. - Avery Chipka, PADI Instructor, USA

As a PADI Professional, you know how critical a clean, healthy ocean is to the future of your business. You can now automatically support ocean protection through every certification through the 100% AWARE program find out more.

In a competitive marketplace, environmental responsibility plays an increasingly important role in consumer decisions. The LA Times recently reported consumers are willing to pay more for products in environmentally-responsible packaging, and Intuit sited a 7.5% increase in "green" hotel bookings.

By donating a portion of your class fee to support the underwater world, you'll distinguish your business from others in the area. There are two ways to donate: $10 per student, or a flat amount of $250 per month. Billing occurs through monthly invoices find out more.
  • Both  individual PADI members, PADI dive centers and resorts are eligible to participate.
  • Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible where allowable by law.
  • You'll receive support and recognition materials from Project AWARE
For additional information, please review the 100% AWARE fact sheet and/or contact lauren dot wiskerson at projectaware dot org

02 July 2012

PADI Hiring Writer / Copy Editor

For those of you who like to call me up about a missing period on page 29 of the new XYZ manual... your time has come! PADI is currently hiring a technical writer and copy editor.  Please send your resume and cover letter to:, and please feel free to mention you read about the position on "Megan's blog." The position is in our Americas Office in Orange County, CA.

As for those missing periods and so forth, please direct those comments to training at padi dot com

If you're interested in finding out about new openings at PADI before anyone else, follow PADI Instructor News on Google+.

Scuba Job - Seattle, WA

Bubbles Below, a PADI Five Star IDC in the Seattle area is currently hiring an equipment technician (Oceanic, Scubapro and Aqua Lung certifications are a must). Interested parties please call Bud at (425) 424-3483. Please be prepared to submit a resume with experience and certifications.

Bubbles Below is a Five Star PADI IDC facility and winner of DEMA's C.O.R.E. award for excellence in training. The position will start out as part-time but may evolve into full-time.

View other PADI Instructor Jobs on the jobs page of

26 June 2012

PADI Americas will be closed Wednesday 4 July 2012 in observance of Independence Day. We will re-open Thursday July 5th for regular business hours.

If you need materials before the holiday, please contact your PADI Sales Consultant before placing an order to ensure your materials will arrive in time. 

You can order online PICs and EFR online PICs from the online shopping cart while we're closed. Any other items ordered online while we're closed will be processed Thursday July 5th.

How to order online PICs from our website:(PADI Americas only)

#1 Log on to the PADI Pro's homepage
#2 Click the red Shop Online icon.
#3 The credits will post to your account in about 30 minutes

If you've never used PIC Online and are thinking about giving it a try, take a peep at our article PIC Online Now Available for PADI Instructors. This article links to step-by-step instructions.

Need Student Materials - Yesterday?

If you've got a last minute addition to a class and no student materials in stock, you can sign up the student for eLearning either through your website (stores) or with an eLearning gift pass (anyone). Here is an overview for store owners and independent instructors on how to buy and use eLearning gift codes.

Access PADI Invoices Online

Did you know?
You can view and print PADI Invoices from our website

Here's how:
Log on to: the PADI Pro's Site
Click the red Shop Online button
Click “My Account” top right corner
Click Invoice History

You can view or print up to five years of invoice history through our online shopping cart portal - even if you've never placed an order online.