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22 October 2008

2009 PADI Instructor Renewal and Membership Dues

2009 PADI Membership Dues

PADI Instructors who renew before the end of 2008 will receive a FREE 2009 PADI Instructor Manual CD-ROM by mail in first quarter 2009.

Instructor (Standard): $187
Instructor (Online)*: $173.50
Instructor (Automatic): $158

Assistant Instructor (Standard): $104.50
Assistant Instructor (Online)*: $91.50
Assistant Instructor (Automatic): $86

Divemaster (Standard): $104.50
Divemaster (Online)*: $91.50
Divemaster (Automatic): $86

EFR Instructor (Standard): $69
EFR Instructor (Online): N/A
EFR Instructor (Automatic) N/A

* Save money by renewing online via the PADI Pros Site before 15 December 2008. After logging in using your PADI Instructor number, look in the left hand column for the link called Online Renewal 2009.

There's another way to save money on your instructor dues - opt in for automatic renewal. Every November, you'll be renewed automatically for the following year. To sign up for Auto Renewal or for more info, visit the Members' Toolbox, click on My PADI Information, then go to Automatic Renewal.

1 comment:

Dianne Marshall said...

I enjoy the dive without music or podcast. I enjoy the rebreather even more, less man made sound. It is amazing what is out there. What do fish and/or big schools of fish think of your music?