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03 February 2010

2010 PADI application fees

Here are our various application fees for 2010. You may find it handy to bookmark this page in your web browser. This information can also be found on page 6 of your 2010 PADI price list.

2010 PADI Application Fees
Master Scuba Diver: $46.50
Divemaster: $81
   Upgrade to Divemaster w/ DSD internship rating: $29.50
       + (optional) $25 for new pro card
Assistant Instructor: $63
Instructor Examination (IE): $499
New OWSI application fee: $120
Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT): $63
IDC Staff Instructor: $86.50
Master Instructor: $81
Specialty Instructor Method One (with a course director): $46.50
Specialty Instructor Method Two (dive experience): $63
Specialty Instructor - Distinctive Specialty: $76
EFR Instructor (Primary Secondary and Care for Children): $79
PADI Tec Instructor*: $52.50 
PADI Tec Deep Instructor: $52.50
PADI Tec Trimix Instructor: $63
PADI Gas Blender Instructor Method 1: $46.50
PADI Gas Blender Instructor Method 2: $63

*A PADI Tec Instructor can only teach the Tec 40 program and the Discover Tec program.

Pro-level replacement card: 
$12 (current instructors)
$25 (not renewed)

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figgy said...

When do these take effect?

PADI Americas (west coast team) said...

These are the 2010 fees so they took effect January 1 2010 and are valid through the end of this year.