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15 April 2010

New PADI Pros Site

The new

We  have a new PADI Pros' website. The next time you visit it will ask you to create a new username and password.

Store members will need a PIN code to create their new account. If you do not have this information, give us a call at 800 729 7234. Individual instructors do not need a PIN code.

Here are a few highlights:
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PIC Online and Other Online Services

PIC online is the first item in the Online Services dropdown menu. In the Online Services menu you'll also find:

  • DSD registration

  • Diver Replacement Card
    (only use this if you don't do PIC online)

  • ProChek and DiveChek

  • The Access Zone
    (purchase eLearning gift certificates)

  • Our online shopping cart

  • Online Specialty Instructor / MSDT Application

Training Essentials Menu
A lot of what used to be in the Member Toolbox is now in the Training Essentials Menu. This is where you'll find:
  • Exam answer keys
    (under Curriculum)

  • Medical forms

  • The Con-Ed Release Form

  • Training Bulletins

  • The 2010 Instructor Manual

The Forms & Applications page has about 100 links on it. They're organized into categories, but the "Find" feature of your browser can save you time. Here's how it works:

Step One - Activate "Find"
Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, or from your browser's menu  click "Edit" followed by "Find" from the drop down menu.

A box will appear where you can type in the search term you want.

- Internet Explorer: The search box will appear towards the top left part of your screen.

- Firefox: Your search box will appear in the bottom left of your screen

Step Two - Type in the Search Terms you Want
Let's say you want to to find the medical form you can type in "Medical" or use the form number "10063." Your browser will find that word on the page and jump right to it.

If your initial search doesn't bring up any results, you may have to think creatively. For example, a DSD form might be under "DSD" or "Discover Scuba."

Member / IRRA Toolbox

The sprawling members toolbox from the old site has been pared down to just: certification counts, insurance and member benefits info, and an updated logo / image gallery.

The Resort / Retailer toolbox includes similar information plus a "report card" option. Track certifications and compare how your store performs versus the other PADI stores in your region.

View Order History and Print Invoices

Even if you've never placed an order online, you can view past orders and print invoices from the online shopping cart. First, click "Shop Online" from the home page. Once the shopping cart loads, click "my account" from the top menu.

In the My Account screen, click on "Invoice History." From there you can view order history for the past several years. Click on an order to view and print the invoice.
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Jon Rusho said...

Let me repeat that, since it'll help retention... WOW!!!

Some amazing (and much needed) improvements.

There are still a few quirks, but navigating to important and often used materials is significantly better than the old site.


Anonymous said...

I just visited the site, only for a short while. Flashing ads drive me crazy.

David said...

Nice. Much better than the previous Pro site.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting a server error message

Carl Chapman said...

Tried the new site.... Created a new account as per instructions, but when I tried to login I get a "Error Authenticating User" message.

PADI Americas (west coast team) said...

Hi guys,

If you have problems with the new site, you need to call customer service at 800 729 7234 ext. 2495.