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13 September 2010

Old PADI Pros Site Goes Away 30 Sep 2010

Alas, Olde PADI Pro's Site, your days are numbered. Starting Thursday 30 September 2010, all content will be removed from the old site - except PIC Online.

If you haven't already, please visit the new PADI Pro's Site and create a login.

Tips for Creating a PADI Pro's Site Login

PADI Pros: have your instructor card with you when creating a login. You must type in your name exactly as it appears on your card. For example: if your card does not show a middle initial, do not include your middle initial when creating a login.

PADI IRRA members: a PIN number is required to create your login. If you do not know the store PIN, the owner must contact PADI to retrieve it.

In General:
Your new username must be at least six characters long, and contain at least 1 lower case letter and 1 upper case letter. The user name cannot contain any spaces or special characters.

Examples of usernames that are okay:
  • AJsDiveShop
  • ATLscuba
  • 97201Divers
Examples of usernames the system will reject:
  • AJ'sDiveShop - contains special characters (an apostrophe)
  • O.K.Scuba - contains special characters (periods)
  • ATL Scuba - contains a space
  • 97201divers - does not have a capital letter
Read about useful new features on the new PADI Pros Site.

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A Ju said...

One problem I've noticed before, and it still does not seem to be corrected is... The PADI price list is not available on the new site!

PADI Americas (west coast team) said...

Ugh, I know. I put the price list on the shopping cart. That was the best I could do.

From the main menu of PADI Pro's, click the red "Shop Online" button. When the new page opens, look at the top right column (featured items). There is a link to download the 2010 price list as a .pdf.