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PADI Exams Current Revision Dates and Version Numbers

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Here are the latest version dates for our core exams
(applies to English exams only):

Open Water quiz and exam booklet 
- last revised 09/11, version 3.06.

Rescue Diver exam
- last revised 06/10, version 3.03

EFR Primary / Secondary Care exam
- new exam released 2011, version 1.0

- new exam released 2011, version 1.0

EFR Care for Children exam
- new exam released 2012, version 1.0

Divemaster exams
- new exam released 10/10 version 3.0

Enriched Air Diver table version (70117)
- last revised 05/07, version 2.03

Enriched Air Diver dive computer option: (70122)
- revised 03/10, version 1.03
(2009, version 1.01 - okay to use)

You can also check the revision dates of your PADI instructor slates.